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Opposition to Vietnam War?

Old Jules, how did those who opposed U.S. involvement in Vietnam challenge or undermine the premises of Cold War thinking?

We threw rocks at cops, smoked a lot of jade and loved promiscuous sex and rock and roll. When we weren’t doing those things we wrote for underground newspapers, marched, rioted, occupied public buildings, talked a lot, and wondered why that damned war wouldn’t end.


Jewish Holocaust vs. Native American Holocaust?

Old Jules, why is the Jewish holocaust taken so seriously over all of the Native Americans that have been slaughtered?

Nobody knows how many Native Americans were killed, any more than anyone knows how many Saxons died when the Normans overran Great Britain, how many Gauls died when the Romans overran them.

That’s the difference. People have been migrating, taking land away from the occupants and frequently killing and enslaving the prior owners since human beings became humans. That happened to Native Americans when Europeans overran them, and it happened to Native Americans by other Native Americans before that ad infinitum.

You might as easily wring your hands about the folks who occupied the valley of Mexico before the Aztecs arrived and took it from them, probably ripping their living hearts from their chests as sacrifices to their gods.

Reversing What You Knew?

Old Jules, how frequently and how many times have your ‘knowings’ reversed themselves?

I recall knowing everything just about every moment of my life. I voted for Goldwater in ’64 because I ‘knew’ he’d get us out of Vietnam. I knew for several years LBJ would go down in history as one of our greatest presidents because of the ‘Great Society’ despite Vietnam. Took several years to see that one mature and implode.
Nixon was an easy choice because he swore he’d get us out of Vietnam and I knew he would. And so on until I got a bellyfull of knowings and quit voting out of total disgust with my knowings.
And that’s just politics. I’ve known a lot of other things, too. They seem to lose themselves in the dust in five-to-ten year cycles of retrospective horror at my own stupidity.

Is America Lost?

Old Jules, has America lost its way?

No. The US has always followed the way of aggression. It hasn’t lost that direction. It’s just solidified the boundaries, defeated everyone inside the boundaries, and now has the elbow room to look outward without such a scattering of opposing powers. Being the only super-power left besides China keeps America pointed in the traditional direction: anything not tied down.

Mobilizing for War?

Old Jules, are the countries of the world mobilizing for World War 3?  It feels like that we are going to be in a big war soon and I am kind of scared by all of this, what do you think?

The world never demobilized after WWII ended. It never demobilized after the Cold War ended.

The parts of the world less mobilized during that time are mobilizing to protect themselves from the countries that never demobilized and found themselves all dressed up with nowhere to go.

A lot of countries have become bored with forever being overrun by western, mostly Christian, nations with huge military budgets coming in, knocking down their homes, killing their livestock, shooting the arms and legs off their kids, stealing whatever they have worth stealing and calling it heroism.

Smarter Than a Caveman?

Old Jules, are we smarter than cavemen?
 Most people  consider themselves smarter than those who came before us. We clearly know more about the world than any of our ancient ancestors, and so we tend to look at their conceptions and ways as “primitive” (in a belittling sense), “naive”, “simple-minded”, “foolish” or even “childish”.
My question is: “how much of your over-all world-understanding was outsourced, and how much was homegrown?”

Almost everything we think we know is hand-me-down. Even the great bulk of scientific ‘knowings’ came from a relatively few. ‘Scientists’ are mostly just people who spent enough time in academia to memorize a lot of things others said, and mostly they don’t do any science, but rather teach others to memorize what’s already been said.

It takes a lot of discipline and constant self-filtering to train ourselves to accept nothing unless we can see it for ourselves and thoroughly prove it to ourselves. But when we do and if we do we discover a huge amount of what we know is half-truth, false, or speculation flying the flag of theory.

We flatter ourselves that we’re intelligent and educated, that we know more than our ancestors. In fact, in many cases they knew far more than we do. I suspect many were far more intelligent than we are, as well.

British Delusional about WW2?

Old Jules, why are a lot people from Britain delusional when it comes to WW2?
I’m Canadian. If it were not for Canada and the US, the UK would have never landed on Europe’s mainland or may even held on to their mainland. A HUGE amount of resources from Canada and the US were sent to the UK during the war. Troops were also sent and fought. Without the troops from Canada and the US, there would be no western front. Why do the British flatter themselves by thinking they had the manpower to defeat Germany by themselves?

I’m a US citizen. I knew a guy during the 1960s who fought at Iwo Jima and Okinawa in the Marines. He thought that was WWII. It’s all he knew about it, all he wanted to know.

I worked with a man about the same time who thought the Great Depression was his family camped on the beach in Galveston, Texas, waiting in food lines.

Kids all over the US are taught the German holocaust was about Jews, and the Jews pretty well claim ownership of it.

Nothing wrong with that as a psychological phenomenon, no harm in it as a sociological one. Unless it involves derivatives involving too much blame or praise to allow functioning in life in other ways.

It’s not a ‘historical’ perspective, but not much is among the regular people living on this planet.