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Opposition to Vietnam War?

Old Jules, how did those who opposed U.S. involvement in Vietnam challenge or undermine the premises of Cold War thinking?

We threw rocks at cops, smoked a lot of jade and loved promiscuous sex and rock and roll. When we weren’t doing those things we wrote for underground newspapers, marched, rioted, occupied public buildings, talked a lot, and wondered why that damned war wouldn’t end.


Mobilizing for War?

Old Jules, are the countries of the world mobilizing for World War 3?  It feels like that we are going to be in a big war soon and I am kind of scared by all of this, what do you think?

The world never demobilized after WWII ended. It never demobilized after the Cold War ended.

The parts of the world less mobilized during that time are mobilizing to protect themselves from the countries that never demobilized and found themselves all dressed up with nowhere to go.

A lot of countries have become bored with forever being overrun by western, mostly Christian, nations with huge military budgets coming in, knocking down their homes, killing their livestock, shooting the arms and legs off their kids, stealing whatever they have worth stealing and calling it heroism.