Some stuff from the Facebook page:

At any given moment you’re the composite of all your experiences until now. If you hadn’t gone through them you’d be someone else.

If you like who and what you are you’ve no choice but to be grateful for each, good, bad, or ugly.

I don’t believe in fate. I believe life is a series of challenges, growth experiences we encounter, respond to, and grow from.


Old Jules, who would you like to see and talk to right now?

Albert Einstein, hoping he could clear a few things up for me.

Jim Bridger, just to ask him a few questions that have troubled me.

A guy known as ‘Old Jules’, hardscrabble settler in the Nebraska panhandle in the 1860s through 1890s because I used to be him.


Old Jules, would you consider a Muse a human spirit or angel or what?

I tend to think of it as a [far too seldom] direct communication with the higher-self.
But I take the view we’re mainly spiritual beings with a toe-hold in a physical reality, rather than otherwise [the ‘I’ we sense being the toe].


Old Jules, who is the bigger coward, atheists or theists, to believe in GOD?

Atheists and theists who are preoccupied with prolonging their lives by worrying about second-hand smoke, air-bags, red dye, the Mayan calendar, and eternal life don’t appear to possess much courage, moral or spiritual. Some occasionally demonstrate physical courage.


Old Jules, what is the meaning of life?

If you suspect your proposed answer to your own question isn’t complete, it probably isn’t. Bringing satisfaction or happiness to ones life cannot possibly be life’s meaning unless the lives of the miserable and the unfulfilled are meaningless.
The meaning of life is to facilitate change within each short lifespan.


Old Jules, why does the unexpected happen in life so much?

Plotting mainly. Think of yourself as a product of characterization. It’s a necessary ingredient, but it’s worthless, even in a single frame cartoon, without dialogue, plot, and suspense. Characters come and go but plots rely on the unexpected for momentum and energy.


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