Feedback request from Jeanne

Other WordPress bloggers probably have the same confusion over stats that I do. Followers don’t equal hits because we all visit and follow other blogs and then run out of time to keep up with them all. It’s impossible to tell how many posts are being read when they are in a string down the entire page. I don’t know whether email notifications count as hits on the blog.  Not having regular comments makes it even more difficult to tell what’s happening.

But I think the followers and hits for this particular blog don’t justify the effort I put into gathering the material and formatting it for each post. I have material;  I don’t have much time to work with it.  The original idea for readers to ask questions was based on the assumption that the number of readers would grow enough to allow for it.

But if you regular readers would like to tell me more, I’d welcome the comments. At this time, I’ll continue posting something every few days on Facebook, where there are more followers.  Are you regular readers reading on Facebook? If not, maybe I should just post the same item at both locations. I’ve so far reserved shorter entries for Facebook and those don’t appear here.

It’s possible that in August when my schedule shifts again I might go back to this, but I think for now I’ll take a break from it. As you probably know,  signing up for email notifications will let you know when this happens.

Many thanks to all of you, especially you, George!



5 responses to “Feedback request from Jeanne

  1. I don’t pretend to understand everything about WordPress stats either. I’ve had a lot of folks sign up for email notifications then you never see them again—can’t figure that out either. I don’t expect anyone to comment all the time, but it’s weird to get a “follow” then never get a single like or comment—what’s the point?

    It’s easy to get all sorts of time wrapped up in this kind of this, isn’t it? We all do this to get something out of it—enjoyment, satisfaction, venting/release, attention, or whatever—but when it takes so much time that it becomes “work,” then it’s not much fun anymore. (I read a couple of blogs where the author posts 3 to 5 times a day. It’s not fun to try to keep up with those!)

    Do it whatever way—FB or WordPress—that’s easiest for you, Jeanne. I’ll read either way. —George

    Almost forgot: For what it’s worth I really like your early morning posting schedule. The posts on both blogs are succinct and easily digested first thing in the morning.

  2. Don’t do FaceBook but am a loyal follower of Old Jules here on WordPress…

  3. For what it’s worth:
    I read Ask Old Jules regularly and So Far from Heaven occasionally.
    I don’t follow your blog, or anyone else’s, and I’m not on Facebook.
    I think that if you write, as I do, for your own satisfaction, you’ll get more readers than if you try to guess what your readers want.

  4. Also, for what it’s worth, I have Ask Old Jules in my links menu.

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